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Why can’t I go to the grocery without event? Now I am not going to lie to myself or anyone else and say I’m drop dead gorgeous, but I am downright cute. Not that you have to be cute to be hit on by these losers that prey on young girls in Richmond. You just have to look like you’re probably a girl. Anyway on the way to the grocery store today I decided to listen to a few episodes of my favorite motivational podcast on the way to the store. I can’t give you money if I can’t hear you…Well as I walk I notice in my peripheral vision a shadow closing in on me. I’m in the broad daylight in a pretty public place so I’m not afraid just annoyed at what I know to be coming.

I see a figure come up beside me and I just keep walking as if I’m so into the podcast I can’t see or hear anything around me.

“Hey” I hear a muffled vice coming from the figure. I continue to listen to my podcast.

“Hey” he says again, and I know I can no longer ignore him. I slowly remove my headphones and look at him.

“My name’s [I don’t remember] what’s your name?” he said holding out his hand for me to shake it. I looked at it and really felt snobby for a second because I did not want to shake his extremely dirty hand. I decided to be nice and shake it…there are new convenient hand sanitizers at the entrance of Kroger.

“Keyara” I said.

“You got a boyfriend?” said the guy. I actually don’t but I’ve been taught by my friend who I will refer to as the bunny to just say yes.

“Yes” I said and without another thought the boy walked away. I was like well dang!  That really works. So I replaced my headphones, and continued on my way to the store. I love my imaginary boyfriend…he saves me from so many unwanted conversations! Also, the headphones don’t work because on the way home a bum yelled at me until I took them off and asked me for the change that I do not carry so he could buy “food”. I’m just too nice…normal people just keep walking.

How do you handle unwanted bums/guys bothering you when you’re just trying to walk down the street?


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My friends and I have our little jokes among us, as any group of friends does. Whenever something weird happens we say “Oh my gosh, that is so ghetto!”. It doesn’t matter if it is actually “ghetto” or not. Today, however, we wen’t to McDonald’s(not good! My fries were kinda burnt!). We placed two separate orders because we were paying separately, a common practice. We rolled up to the first window, no event: We pay and drive up. We get to the second window. Note: My friend tells her we have two separate orders. The woman hands us one bag and one drink.
My friend who is driving asks for the other stuff. Someone yelled from in McDonald’s with an argumentative tone,


My friend yells in “We placed two separate orders” an rolled his eyes.

The worker yelled back, “Don’t get loud with me, You didn’t tell me that!” (by the way, this is not the employee helping us)

My friend said “Yes we did tell her”. He is now very irritated.

“I will come out there, don’t get loud with me!” yelled the McDonald’s employee.

“Come out here, I woop ass for a living!” said my friend, the nurse.

In the mean time I hand the receipt to the normal employee from the back window, and she retrieves our order. We finally drive off, after reminding them to give us a few more items they forgot.


So, that actually was ghetto to the fullest extent. She had no reason to yell out at us, and she should have butt out when she realized she was wrong. She instead threatened to initiate a fight with customers who just want their food. Why do people insist to be violent and intimidating every moment of their lives, even at the risk of their job? The worst part is, she was wearing the little striped shirt and tie. Doesn’t that mean she’s a manager?

Oh Lord!

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In these times of economic instability, I have been reduced to broker than broke. I sold my keyboard in order to afford regular food because I’m a growing girl, and kind of greedy. Anyway, I went to the grocery store only a few blocks away from my apartment. A word of advice: Never go grocery shopping hungry. I had a list in hand, but I still picked up way more things than I could comfortably carry home. At that point in my life, I did not care about being comfortable. My love of a fully stocked refrigerator conquers all.


My walk home was not too treacherous, I just kept telling myself that it’s not that far, only a few more blocks. More than halfway there I run into a shirtless homeless guy hanging out on a wall. I of course smile and keep walking as a trained resident of the city. The smile is my own touch 🙂

He yells at me as if I am  not right in front of them “LET ME HELP YOU WITH THOSE BAGS!”

“No thank you” I reply. “I’m almost there”.

I am steadily increasing the speed of my pace, but to avoid getting hit by a car, I had to stop at the corner. Of course, he follows me.

“God is sending you some help, and you are refusing. You are spitting in God’s face”.

I am totally annoyed now, because no one hates it more than I when people use God as an excuse for their actions.

“I’ve already gone farther than I got to go” I tell him waiting for the little white running man to tell me I can cross. Finally the light changes and I quickly cross. He yells at me as I cross a parking lot “God told me that a woman should not have to work so hard by herself”. He yells something else but I am too far away to hear him. I refuse to let him see me struggle, because the bags were getting quite heavy.

Was I wrong to not accept his help? I really just didn’t want him to know where I lived, and quite frankly I just didn’t want to be bothered.

This stuff only happens to me.

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