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So sometimes, as a slightly passive person, I have a hard time letting people know how I feel when I believe it isn’t immediately important to anything in my life. The truth is that no one should have to feel less than awesome, and you have the right to let someone know if they contribute to you feeling this way. I am writing this post for a friend, and for myself to kinda let him know but still keep my sanity.

Recently, I find it that a certain friend is unknowingly condescending to me. He’ll say something I’m doing is not as “important” as something he’s doing or he’ll tell me I’m not good at something when in fact, I am not terrible…just  not as good as him at this certain thing. I know he does not intentionally hurt me, but to constantly feel as though you are being put down is not easy when you are already in a pretty low part of your life. When I’m having a rough day, and my only good part was my favorite professor telling me he likes the way I play flute, you do not have to tell  stop me and say “Keyara, you’re not that good at flute.”  Why don’t I just tell the next bum I see on the street “No sir, you may not have my money. By the way, you are homeless and, frankly, you stink. I must be on my way to do something important.” When he comes back with something like “Ok that was rude and unnecessary” I simply tell him, “Sir, I am only telling you the truth. You ARE homeless and some deodorant would do you some good.”

Telling someone that something they’re doing is not important is rude no matter what way you spin it. Someone in a higher place could tell you your little class is unimportant or your entire career because they may feel that their career is what the world sees as more lucrative. The bum will one day ride past me in his Mercedes, and spit on me because I once put him down in his lowest moment.  I am having a rough time existing right now, I don’t need a constant reminder of how unimportant the little things that make me happy are. Nor do I need to be reminded more than once that $10 dollars is not a lot of money…No shit. It’s better than sitting here not making anything at all.

The only reason that I am not actually angry is that anger hurts no one but the person who is angry, and because I know that my dear friend whom I love is not intentionally hurting me. It is just a part of his demeanor, and just the way he is. I know that if he loves me as much as I love him, he would never say those things knowing that they hurt me as much as they do. If you find this post funny, maybe I am wrong in believing that you love me. Maybe the things you say are not unintentional. As of right now though, I truly believe that you do not know how condescending you are to me daily, and this is my way of letting you know. This friend will be referred to as The Eagle from now on in this blog.

See you in the morning Eagle!

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