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My Everything is Nothing

I love to blog!! It is my favorite new hobby. I know what you’re probably thinking….’Her last post was like a month ago!!’ This is all too true. This blog is a product of me looking inward and I have seen a new thing today. I have a hard time making time for the things that make me happy. I love blogging, but just fit it in here and there. This is a microcosm of what happens with all things I love. This leaves me wondering about what I can do to fix this because I obviously do not want this but it continually happens. I find myself happy lately. This is because although many of my favorite things are pushed aside for nothing really, I really enjoy peace above all things. Right now, although things in music school may be a little rough sometimes, my life proves to be a peaceful one. I have peace and I love and am loved by many. So why should I be unhappy. Still, no matter how much I don’t like to admit it…there is more to life than peace and love. Life is better with them, but boring and unfulfilled with only these things. What to do? I think I should just do!

Another thing in my life that is nothing to way more people than it is something is classical music. I was introduced by one of those classical piano favorite’s CDs for christmas in middle school. I had shown interest in music, and although my parents are not in music they saw no reason why I shouldn’t be. Classical music is dying and it is because of the attitude of its very few relatives. We all [classical musicians and its patrons]  marry it and believe that it is the greatest. We prove to be abusive spouses, however, because if we really loved it we would want EVERYONE to know about it. We instead keeped it locked up and revered only for an exclusive crowd that is dwindling in size. If classical music dies, so do I in a way….but I don’t have to worry because as long as I’m alive and the countless other people who feel the same way, it will live. But I would still like the world to share my love. I’m being beckoned by my actual relatives because it is Christmas eve after all! Merry Christmas everyone!

Peace and love


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