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What the heck!! I would swear on my mother’s life that summer just started last week if I didn’t know better…Why does time move so much faster than me? Fall 2010 is about to be the shit! I am sooo excited about getting back to school and being busy. Shopping, friends and classes!!! I even have a work study job this school year.

With a new school year I vow to bring a new attitude. I have never brought drama but I have decided to take it to a whole new level. If you are not a part of the solution, you’re part of the problem…I have always listened to people starting drama and share in conversations related to drama…NO MORE! If I smell drama, count me out. With that said the semester should be started with a positive outlook too. It’s so great to be starting fresh. I’ve spent the summer building habits that I need to be successful and now I’m ready. My clarinet and I are about to shut it DOWN! 🙂 That’s all for now, but I’d like to share a list with you.

This morning I shared in a writing activity with my friend A.J. We had to write a list of 20 things kids are better at than adults. Here is my list…

Kids are better @…

Letting shit go
Making friends
Throwing temper tantrums
Showing emotion
Believing in themselves
Being creative
Conning people out of money
Being cute
Being in the present moment
Eating ice cream
Accepting the current life they lead
Being inquisitive
Gaining sympathy
Being tranquil
Beating the chicken pox
Smelling the roses

Peace and Love!!!


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My Student

Today I have been trying to figure out how to deal with myself as a student. When learning new things, we are definitely our own teacher, and even when taking a class (especially in college) you have to connect the dots yourself. The teacher is only there to lay the dots out for you. This is kind of hard for a lot of people, including me sometimes because we live in a society in which spoon-feeding students in school is not only accepted; it is expected. If you assign a project that makes kids think outside of the box and the answer cannot be found by going into the index of some textbook it’s too hard and unreasonable. The terrible thing is that this is especially true in the 11th and 12th grade when ambitious student are fighting for every single point. Anyway, I digress. I am thankful to live in a society that provides structured education. 

Whenever one encounters something new, one must teach oneself. I am a terrible student to myself. I need detention everyday…luckily I am also a patient teacher. I am a teacher looking for new methods for my student. I care a lot about her success because she is me. She doesn’t seem to care about her own success, she’d be happy to just sit around and take in her surroundings for the rest of her life…Whatever. That’s all for now. 

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A Strange Ailment…

Lately, I have found myself quite frequently wanting to write something but I can’t think of anything to write about. It’s not exactly writers block though, because I can write a lot once I have a topic…I’m not sure what this is. It’s not really bad; it’s actually good because it has me reading more for inspiration. I love my writing so much more when it was inspired randomly. Not by choice, but by necessity I take myself to a pencil or computer and relieve myself of the story I must tell. If I do not some literary bladder of mine might just burst. In the same sense I guess when I try to go when I don’t really have to, though there is something there It is not really much of anything. I think I just answered my own question…I love writing it out! So keeping with the oh so lady like analogy, reading for inspiration is like drinking a lot of water…pretty soon you are going to have something substantial to relieve yourself of. I think that I may just do that right now 🙂 Maybe that will be my next post!

Peace and Love!

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I was prompted

Ok so if you follow my blog, you know I’m on a mean poetry kick right now. I have been visiting  a nice poetry blog called Poets United. They are starting a weekly poetry prompt, and this post is my response. This is very different from my normal writing style. I hope you like it….Enjoy!

The Next Day
In a way we touch
but in a way we disconnect
as we wrinkle the sheets
In our minds
We know we are human.
Perfection is not something
we can achieve.
We may only strive to reach it.
In a way we touch
but in a way we disconnect
as our bodies cease to be
two separate entities
if only for the next few hours.
Turn the music up so the
neighbors can’t hear
and maybe I wont either
I love
right now, but as you leave
early tomorrow morning my
true evaluation of the situation will leave
me in contemplation for the duration of the next day.

Peace and Love!

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The One Above

Today I will share a poem with you guys that came to me today as I was laying down peacefully listening to my own heartbeat…talk about finding inspiration from within! The form I use is a distorted version of a form that I absolutely loved after being introduced to it by Sly. You can find his blog by following this link: http://dasuntoucha.blogspot.com/2010/08/fixed-poetry-form-pantoum.html He explains the form and has a beautiful poem written in it.

The One Above
As long as my heart beats,
I’m cool.
As long as my soul eats,
I’m full.
I love,
as long as my heart beats,
the One above
as long as my soul eats.
In order to feed my soul
I love.
To please Him is my only goal.
The One above
brings my life together
in order to feed my soul
a healthy diet of being as tough as leather.
To please Him is my only goal.

Peace and love everybody!


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Kwintin is awesome! My little energetic 3 year old brother is so beautiful because he, like most children his age, has no inhibitions and is completely real with you all the way. If he thinks something is delicious he will tell you. If he thinks it is disgusting, he will tell you too, not old enough to possibly stop and consider your feelings. The

Me and Kwintin(3)

fact that children are not yet old enough to inhibit themselves makes them lose credibility. Children should have more credibility in some facets of life because their genuine nature could benefit everyone.

Kwintin is my best dance partner, one of the best conversationalists (even with his limited english) and a wonderful playmate. My imagination is allowed to run wild with him, and he will not judge me for being childish…On the contrary, he is excited to have a huge playmate who will never stop loving him, even after she is dead.

My little brothers, my volunteer job and my many little teaching feats prove to me again and again that I am not only meant to be a teacher, it is a freaking calling. Everything about me is a child except my body and my adult part of my brain that allows me to function in society. I wish I had a kids body…even at 20 after an entire day of running buck wild with kindergartners I feel like death. Being childish gives me a distinct advantage in relating with these children and getting into their always surprisingly intelligent brains to implant new information that I know will help them be better in life.

Here’s a link to a video of Kwintin being cute! http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1197710311#!/video/video.php?v=1574654765107&ref=mf

Aren’t kids the best!!? I’m too young to want them, but they’re soo cute and fun to take care of!

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Compare Contrast Challenge


So My friend A.J. and I are having a creative battle about how you can compare and contrast ANYTHING. I gave him his big toe and a tree while he gave me a bow tie and a door. I’m linking his post so check it out. So here goes…

Geeks are the new chic as everyone should know by now. When thinking of the many things that bow ties can represent, the main thing that stuck out was geeks. Isn’t it a wonderful world when being smart is looked at as being positive? Now this memo has not made it to the playgrounds yet, so hold on little Jimmy. This new fashion statement is more from the forward thinking modern woman.

These guys open doors, and this is why they are such a hot commodity. A door represents an opportunity to bring on new surroundings, and the doors that these bowties open are the doors that lead to high society and that green stuff. I love and hate this. While it is great that brains are appreciated, at what cost? At the cost of love? What about dreams? I’m only 20, so I’m gonna pull the idk my bff jill card.

So what do bow ties and doors have in common? Not a whole lot, but to me the things that they can represent have many connections. They are both made from things that are pulled from natural resources…They can both be dismanteled or faked….Everything has so much alike you just have to want to see. Just like human beings. I’m annoyed that we spend so much time on how different we are by catagorizing…Wake up people! We have so much more in common than you really even know.

Check out A.J. http://medicinalmusic.wordpress.com

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